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It’s Almost Here! New App, New Functionality. Q3 – 2014

Increase Your Profits with eBay, Amazon and eCommerce Marketplace Research!

How to Price Products?

Pricing your products correctly is one the most important factors that determine if your products will sell.  Whether you’re an eBay SellerAmazon Seller or an Online Retailer listing on your own site, Get4it® helps you sell more by giving you the tools to competitively price your products on eBay®, Amazon® or across the web, quickly and  accurately

How Can I Sell More?

Many factors impact sales volume. Everything from what you’re selling online, which marketplaces you’re selling your items on, what categories products are listed in, title words and of course how you are pricing your products. Get4it® helps eBay sellers and Online Retailers sell more by addressing these and many other factors.

Can Amazon Sellers use Get4it?

Absolutely! In fact unlike other research sitesGet4it® provides the Amazon SellerOnline Retailerand eBay Seller with research tools specifically designed to assist in pricing products and researching all aspects of selling across many marketplaces. Get started and gain a competitive advantage now!

At Get4it we understand how difficult it is to answer the most important questions an Online Retailer can ask. Our Pricing Research tools can help you answer the questions below about “How to Price Products” and many more. Whether you’re an Amazon Seller, Online Retailer, eBay Seller or a mix our pricing research tools are specifically designed to ease the pain of researching and competitively pricing your products. Doesn’t matter if you sell ten products or ten thousand products, use our proprietary system to price your products, research demand ratio trends, identify customer buying patterns and much more.Get4it eBay Compatible Application

Gain a Competitive Advantage Today!

  • Pricing Products for Online Retailers
  • Price By Keywords
  • Price By Product Code (GTIN, UPC, ISBN)
  • Price By Model Number (MPN)
  • Price across multiple Marketplaces
  • View Items, Charts, Stats
  • Full Pricing Statistics
  • Minimum and Maximum Price
  • Average Prices
  • Most Common Price
  • Average Price and Volume by Brand
  • Average Price and Volume by Keyword Word
  • Filter By Brand and Keyword
  • eBay Research
  • Price By Keywords
  • Price By Product Category
  • View Items, Charts, Stats
  • Full Pricing Statistics
  • Minimum and Maximum Price
  • Average Prices / Sell Through Rate
  • Day Of Week Average Price and Volume
  • Filter By Category and Keyword
  • Category Stats to Know Where to Sell
  • Day of Week Stats to Know When to Sell
  • Pricing Stats to Know How to Price
  • eBay Hottest Items by Category
Get4it Mobile Ready Pricing Research

Mobile Ready

Get4it® works natively on your computer, tablet, or phone. No need to install apps on your devices simply use your browser.

What users say about Get4it

My wife and I go to a lot of auctions. I always think antiques are worth more than they really are, so I started using get4it to figure out if we are bidding too much. Wow, saved me a couple of times.

JonSan Leandro, CA

I’ve been selling on my own site for years. The recession hit my business hard so I started selling on ebay and amazon too. I was spending three day each week trying to price my stuff. Started using get4it and cut that time down to a couple of hours.

TamiMinneapolis, MN

I’ve been using Get4it for years, the new site is great and work perfect on my ipad and iphone. Great job!

GlenFort Lauderdale, FL